from R4 870 000 for 2236m²
Includes VAT & transfer fees


The Reserve on Val de Vie Estate

Homes set on one acre to one hectare stands border on the protected Fynbos Reserve and offer a rare boon for nature lovers.

Your own stand may be cultivated as a vegetable garden for fresh produce or for a pasture with your horses in eyesight. You may plant citrus orchards or olive groves knowing that you will be allocated farming irrigation water to ensure that your trees will thrive.

With 5 remaining stands available, The Reserve neighbourhood is ideal for the family looking for space, views and opportunities in the Cape Winelands.

Val de Vie Properties is committed to the same level of excellence that has long been associated with Val de Vie Estate. As the official on-site agency. From modern apartments to grand hectare stands, our agents highly skilled and understand the Val de Vie Estate product best.

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