Safety was a founding pillar of the Estate from the moment architects and engineers conceived and planned residents’ day-to-day living experiences. Large traffic circles, a 40 km/h Estate-wide speed limit and a 25 km/h speed limit around The Yard circle calm vehicle movement and remind drivers of the more relaxed rhythm of life here. 

An imposing electrical perimeter fence exceeding 17km in length, at 2m in height and completed with anti-dig razor wire, encloses the entire Estate. This acts as a deterrent to criminal activity and forms a formidable physical barrier. A breach attempt triggers alarms in the Estate control room and at an off-site monitoring centre. A CCTV network and on-site patrols ensure an active, eyes-on-the-ground approach to security surveillance. On the perimeter, there are 138 thermal cameras which sense movement and body heat. Val de Vie Estate also opted to install 189 internal Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) cameras. These cameras will focus primarily on the open spaces and roads with complete privacy masks shielding the view into homes whilst protecting residents’ property.

Val de Vie Estate also utilises an end-to-end video management system with capabilities ranging from access control to business integration, including managing cameras and fire detection alarm systems. The system is also linked to our online occurrence system, CiiMS, for data analysis and predictive incident management.

While residents have coded access to six main points, visitors and contractors are subjected to tighter monitoring and control measures. Val de Vie Estate was one of the first to implement biometric-access control measures to track every entry and exit. Residents are further safeguarded from unauthorised visitors via automated booms that control access to each residential village. The Val de Vie Estate Security Team played an active role in developing the new “Hello Guest” system based on the Estate’s unique needs and ensuring a customised solution using the latest technology. Working directly with the developers, additional functionality can be added to improve the system further.

Two armed tactical teams with handheld thermal devices and well-trained dogs patrol the perimeter 24/7 and react to fence and camera alarms. These teams are connected to three unarmed response teams inside the perimeter fence. 

License plate recognition technology is linked to the central Western Cape database and is of great value in monitoring suspicious vehicle activity. In an emergency, shutters and spike automation at all gates can be activated to ensure a total lockdown. 

As a proud recipient of the award for Safest House in Africa at the International Property Awards for its Polo House, Val de Vie Estate lives up to its promise that residents can live as they have always wanted to – with complete peace of mind. Best-of-breed technology excellently managed by a world-class team ensures that Val de Vie Estate is the best place to reside and live your best life.

Author: Die Burger