Val de Vie Estate is South Africa’s most secure luxury residential estate where residents enjoy life to fullest, having true peace of mind that the environment they call home is safe.

Estate living eliminates the stress associated with other residential areas where crime preventative measures are insufficient. Val de Vie Estate takes pride in offering a lifestyle where security is top priority.

Walking, running, cycling or on horseback, exploring Val de Vie Estate forms part of the day- to-day activities of residents. Children play outside carefree with their friends, walk their dogs or try to catch fish in the lakes. The newly developed Val de Vie Evergreen, situated in the heart of Val de Vie Estate, offers an unsurpassed retirement lifestyle where residents over 60 years can enjoy a true sense of tranquility and country-living.

Val de Vie Estate was one of the first residential estates in South Africa to implement biometric-access control measures and continues to apply advanced technology and evolving security procedures to uphold its reputation as the most secure estate in Africa. As the recipient of the Safest House in Africa award at the International Property Awards in 2015 for its Polo House, the benchmark was set for the safety and security standards of Val de Vie Estate, without infringing on the privacy of its residents.

Over 100 intelligent analytical Bosch thermal cameras shield the 11.2 kilometre perimeter and act as the base deterrent for criminal activities. Breach attempts trigger alarms in the estate’s control room and at an off-site monitoring centre, allowing immediate investigations via a CCTV network. On-site, highly skilled reaction teams act as an additional barrier to breach attempts. Around the estate a 2-metre high wrought iron fence that is fully electrified, anti-dig razor wire and concrete plinths make it extremely difficult for perpetrators to gain access. Involvement in community safety and crime intelligence gathering are supported through partnerships with the SAPS, Paarl-Franschhoek Valley patrolling and monitoring and local security forums.

Val de Vie Estate has four main access points, providing entrance via 22 vehicle access and exit lanes and turnstiles for residents, guests and contract workers. Strict access control measures are in place at these points and each point is monitored with an array of cameras.

A ‘life worth living’ (Val de Vie Estate’s slogan) can be discovered within the secured 917 hectares of magnificent surroundings of the Valley of Life.

Val de Vie Evergreen construction is well under way, and the showhouse will be open for viewing from October 2018.

To make an appointment to view the showhouse, contact +27 21 863 6105 or email

In Val de Vie Evergreen’s life right scheme, residents enjoy the very same benefits and privileges as if the home was purchased by freehold or sectional title, the only difference however, is that Val de Vie Evergreen remains the ultimate owner of the property and therefore carries the responsibility of on-going upkeep in perpetuity, removing the burden of home maintenance from the resident.

Author: Die Burger